Aug 20 2009

Surf Hats: Are They Right For You?

Posted by Tyler at 8:05 am on August 20th, 2009 to Surf Apparel, Surf Hats.

I have always been apprehensive about surf hats. BUT they have always fascinated me at the same time.  I am not exactly sure why.  At times I want to say, “that it is ridiculous to wear a hat out in the water,” and other times I can’t seem to get around the sheer functionality of a hat in the  If you are spending hours surfing and getting your face sunburned no matter how much or what kind of sunscreen you are wearing, a hat in the water seems like the perfect solution.  Not only to avoid sunburns, but also to avoid the sun in your eyes.  The water reflecting the powerful sun rays into your eyes, or staring straight into the sun on the horizon as you wait for waves cannot be good for them.  I mean you could wear your sunglasses in the water, but you might look like the Terminator determined to drop in on everyone. 

I saw a guy wearing a hat out in the water the other day and he just made it look good, he wore it really well.  Functionality aside, I think this an essential part of the surf hat is wearing it well.  Not everyone can do it, you must decide if you can pull it off.  Deep down everybody knows that some people are just hat people, and some simply are not.  I decided to search through the different styles of surf hats to see what I could pull off and here are a few that I found:

Dakine Brim Hat   Dakine Surf Hat

Dakine – No Zone Hat

Not only does one size fit all, but they are reversible as well. It has a nice secure strap to make sure it stays secure during your session and help you fight the sun and heat. $19.95


Dakine – Surf Cap

This one is specifically designed to stay on while surfing and other ocean sports. It is made with a SPF quick dry fabric, and the ear covers have mesh ventilation. It too is a one size fits all, but the brim flips up to stay out of your face while paddling and the chin strap makes sure to keep it snug on your melon. $21.95

Pantagonia Hat

Pantagonia – Surf Brim

Made of soft and quick drying fabric, the brim holds its shape while in the water and floats should the neoprene chin strap fail to keep it secure.  The headband lined with neoprene and an adjustable back belt buckle allows a more comfortable and secure fit, not to mention the vent holes designed to reduce heat and water build up.  Though it costs a little more than other hats, with Pantagonia you really get what you pay for.  $37.95

Quiksilver Straw Hat

Quicksilver – Pierside Straw Hat

100% straw with a single embroidered logo on the front of that keeps it looking stylish.  The adjustable toggles on the side secure it however you want to wear it.  $14.99

Now, after perusing through a few of my top options for surf hats, I have just decided that I can’t do it.  I simply cannot pull off wearing a hat out in the water.  I am okay with that. I feel as if I am being honest with myself in this decision.  I encourage you to assess yourself and come to your own individual decision. If you do find yourself capable of taking the plunge or have previously worn a hat, found success and are now searching for a better product, I would suggest checking out some of the above mentioned hats.  They are pretty cool, you know, for hat people.

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